Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Organised, are you??

    Off lately, I saw my bedroom, study table, wadrobe, cupboards, drawers, etc. nothing more than a pig-sty. Sometimes, I wondered if I had queered the pig in his lifestyle. But as usual, I have my excuses ready on fingertips! To start with, my exams were going on, I had to study, organising or tidying things would have cost me dearly on my time. And its easy to find things when they are in just one-hand-distance from me! So, everything, that includes my books, notes, clothes, purse, cell-phone charger, watch, hair-clips, hairbands, comb, lip-gloss, mosturizer, bag, not to forget my cellphone and earphones, happened to be in that one-hand-distance radius! So whenever I needed something, I didnt have to waste time by getting off my bed and going somewhere to get it, just stretch your hand, and the world is at your finger-tips, quite literally! This continued till my exams got over. After that, the entire arrangement had to be distorted and the cluster of things had to be kept somewhere else so that my bed looked like a bed! :P  But the lazy clumsy lethargic sloth that I am, I just bundled up the entire mass and pushed it inside a comparitively empty shelf in my wadrobe! Ta-daa!! And my bed was clean!! :D

     The fact that my mom doesnt open my wadrobe unless and untill its something she desperately needs from there, kept the lil secret of my cleanliness, a secret! It was only a week later, when my classes started, and I couldnt find my comb... and my favourite hair-clips... and my dictionary... and my ear-phones... and my orange top... and my shredded denims... and my pens and pencils.... and my socks... that I started digging in my black hole, hoping everything was still there, and hadnt decomposed lying there! And well, it was all there, except for the fact that they...ummm...well... needed some fresh air! :P

     So finally today, after almost two and a half weeks, I, Aditi Ray, proudly say that, I have cleaned my wadrobe, 'genuinely'! I stocked all the books back on my book-shelf, sorted all the clothes as clean and unclean, set my table straight, put all the stationary back in the holder, plugged the charger back on the switch-board. ( Now dont ram your brain as to how my phone survived two and a half weeks without the charger, well, dont almost everyone of you have more than one nokia chargers at home?! :P ) Pheww!! My room is now genuinely clean and organised! :D  I feel so happy and good about it! Although I dont have everything at an arm's length, but they all are at their own places, neat and organised!

     How many times have you felt happy and proud of yourself after organising something, putting it in order?? It makes you feel like you have just almost instantly and magicaly shed some kilos from your heavy built. Makes you feel at peace. Makes you feel happier and more confident of yourself and of the surrounding. Makes you feel clean!

      There are many instances when my cleanliness-freak friends felt pity on my room and without hesitation cleaned my room on my behalf. They said they got an itching palm looking at my room, and felt happy after cleaning it! Ashamed am I? umm..well.. no.. Infact, I still call them home when my room needs a lil cleaning! :P  There was a particular incident when one of my friend came to visit me, and lost her bike keys in my room! Yeahh.. in my room, to be precise, on my bed! :P  No, my bed isnt a puzzle maze where things get lost, she just wasnt used to beds like mine! :P Her bed is always clean and tidy, not a peck of dust to be found in her room, no matter what time you visit her! So, whenever she visits me, she first tidies my room, and then we sit and chat! :P  Such strong is the cleanliness-freak-monster in her!! :P

      Yes, I too like things clean, tidy and at its place, in short, organised, but not to an extent that I'll go to someone else's place and start organising his room! Blahh.. I'm too lazy for that! But its surely good to have friends who are control-freaks, and cant breathe in an untidy room, saves you a lot of work you see! ;) :P